So, in this case the thread of the best-known and most iconic Black Metal band ever: Venom. The band was founded in the late seventies in England, when five young Englishman evil sounding pseudonyms ahhten risen and began heavy music with a satanic image making. The initial phase was characterized by some changes, but 1980 was the line-up, should write to the Venom story, namely: Cronos (vocals & bass), manta rays (guitar), Abaddon (Drums). The debut album "Welcome To Hell" hit like a bomb. While the Church and concerned parents have forbidden the band prefer, set in the Metal-movement a veritable Venom hype. Unbroken was the success with the second plate of the English, "Black Metal". On this album Venom also found the appropriate name for their music - a genre was born. The next album "At War With Satan" was an all time classic. But who flies high, may drop deep and that was also the case with Venom. "Possessed" could not keep up with its predecessors and Venom were overtaken by other bands. Gradually now left the band members all origin and the quality of musical output declined rapidly. 1992 lay Venom definitively adopted on ice. Four years later, the resumption of Bandtätigekeit in the original line-up. In 1997 published "Cast In Stone" was then again an official concoction. Also "Resurrection" was able to maintain this level, although Abaddon had gotten to that point again. But only two years later Mantas left the band again, and from then on it went downhill musically. The following albums were unconvincing and Venom resorted increasingly looking to flood the Mart with a variety of live and best-of albums. But Declared Dead and this year put the men with "From The Very Dephts" an album that had washed up and no doubt is the best piece of work the band since "Resurrection".

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