Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate were founded in 1981 by King Diamond and Hank Sherman. After a restless beginning phase appeared 1983, the debut album "Melissa", which represents one of the strongest of the band and gave her a place among the leading black metal bands. At the time, the Danes were known for their satanic image that was reflected in the stage show. In addition, the trademark of the band's musical style, the metal of the NWOBHM were represented, however, was influenced by progressive rock and relatively elaborated for a former black metal band and the falsetto vocals of Kings. The following year appeared "Do not Break The Oath". The album was able to increase the quality of its predecessor and once again one of the most famous Black Metal albums. But soon there were tensions in the tape, which led to its dissolution and establishing of King Diamond. These published 1986 "Fatal Portrait", on which the King for the first time his penchant for living out concept, what he would do from then on almost every album the group. Even more is presented on "Abigail". The following album "" Them "" ushered in a storyline that dealt with the King himself. The album was commercially the most successful of King Diamond, although the Hitdichte was lower than both the previous and the subsequent "Conspiracy", which vortsetzte the storyline. "The Eye" was the last album for the time being with King Diamond are, as reformed in 1992 Mercyful Fate. While both combos and 1999 there were at the same time, there were frequent line-up changes in both formations, or from one to the other. In this time appeared five Mercyful Fate albums, the last of which most came, and three with King Diamond, among which "The Spider's Lullabye" for the first time in ages and found a non-concept album. 1999, Mercyful Fate disbanded permanently. The next album of King Diamond "Voodoo" included a guest appearance by Dimebag Darrel from Pantera. Shortly after, left up to Andy (and of course the king himself) all the band members, so that "Abigail II: The Revenge" was recorded in almost all new formation that still unchanged the next albums "The Puppet Master" and "Gimme Your Soul ... Please "experienced. After 2010 looked bleak for the future of the band, the Danes now touring again through history and is supposed to be even a new album in preparation.

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