In 1989 Robert Sennebäck (guitar & vocals), Fredrik Lindgren (guitar), Johnny Hedlund (bass & vocals) and Anders Schultz (Drums) Unleashed. Robert was after a year out and was replaced Tomas Olsson. Another year later appeared "Where No Life Dwells". A sensation of tape lettering reversing the Cross, but also musically delivered Unleashed simple Death Metal, who renounced external influences or mechanization and resembled a tougher version of Venom. The album was well reviewed and gave the band notoriety. "Shadows In The Deep" showed more facets of the band received good reviews. It brought the band a breakthrough and led to tours with the top names in the scene. "Across The Open Sea" focused lyrically more on Norse mythology, who had introduced Unleashed in the Death Metal. The album was more successful than its predecessor, but also one-sided, almost boring. Stronger fell "Victory" from 1995, which represented a departure from Fredrik Lindgren, who was replaced by Fredrik Foltare. Financially, the band remained successful until you publish the weakest album of his career with "Warrior". The plate was boring and sounded depressurized. There was a pause, came up in the rumors, the band had broken up before we returned in 2002 with "Hell's Unleashed". The album was musically the strongest what the band had been published, only the vocals sounded very modern and did not know how to please. Better two years later made it there with "Sworn Allegiance". The album introduced the abwechslungseichste since sophomore represent and surpassed this in the quality of the songs and the financial success. With "Midvinterblot" kept the men the level of its predecessor and the sales figures remained high. Also "Hammer Battalion" was a typical Unleashed album, which knew how to appeal to the Death Metal-Addicts. Later, the band label SPV went bankrupt, which is why you finished a contract with Nuclear Blast. Under this label, released "As Yggrrasil Trembles", "Odalheim" and "Dawn Of The Nine".

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