At the Gates

At The Gates were founded in 1990 by Jonas (bass) and Anders Björler (guitar) with Tomas Lindberg (vocals), Adrian Erlandsson (drums) and Alf Svensson (guitar). Two years later, the Swedes had not only a record contract, but also their first album "The Red In The Sky Is Ours" outside. The album offered chaotic, from black metal influenced death metal, but also influences from thrash metal and hardcore could be recognized. Despite the muddy production enjoyed the music very popular. "With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness" haute a year later in the same line, the big drawback was again the production, otherwise you remained true to himself, sounded at this time a little early Carcass. Shortly thereafter, Alf got out of the band, which was replaced by Martin Larsson. In this line-up then came the final breakthrough with "Terminal Spirit Disease". The board sounded punchier than the previous two, partly almost brutal, although one had even returned from songwriting forth the hardness, but good state of the band to face. Further increase was possible with "Slaughter Of Soul" included the hit song "Blinded By Fear", for which Sweden would even creamed off almost a Grammy. The melodiousness was further increased, so that the band made a significant contribution to the establishment of schedischen Death Metal scene, respectively for the establishment of the Melo Death Metal. Shortly thereafter, however, the Björler brothers and Adrian got out what led to the dissolution of At The Gates. Eleven years went by before the band neugründete ultimately. Nevertheless, you need to wait until 2014 "At War With Reality" was released a further seven years. The comeback album also presented the first concept album of the Swedes what these but unlike many bands hinbekamen well and managed to write strong material.

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