Dark Tranquility

Dark Tranquillity have been founded in 1989 by vocalist Anders Friden, the Klampfern Niklas Sundin and Mikael Stanne, drummer and bassist Martin Henriksson Anders Jivarp, then still under the name Septic Broiler. As one a year later a change of style from Thrash to Melo Death Metal took, was felt inappropriate and the name its name to Dark Tranquillity. The musical style kalng unusual, what the band itself admitted, by relying on bands like Blind Guardian, Kreator or Running Wild, support, on the other hand, for example Morbid Angel named as an influence. This style was reflected three years later in "Skydancer" down. The album was a foretaste of the later style of the band, but was confusing and lacked a central theme. This was also Anders, who left the band after this output in order to join In Flames. The part behind the mic took Mikael then why you looking for a new guitar wizard and those found in Fredrik Johansson. With this line appeared in 1995 "The Gallery", which sounded more conventional than its predecessor, but strong sat on keyboards and clean vocals. Nevertheless, the album became a classic in the nascent Melo Death scene, whose founders included the Swedes and enlarged beyond their fame beyond the borders of Sweden. Was readjusted the style 1997 to "The Mind's I", which put in contrast to the two previous albums technical simple song structures, without being easily accessible. This step in the right direction, however, was offset by the superfluous addition of electronic elements with which the band of Death Metal remote. This development culminated ultimately in the fact that we recorded with Martin Brändström one-budgetary keyboardist in the band. Even otherwise, exchanged a few posts in the band. Fredrik left the band. Again an internal musical chairs now took place, Martin switched from bass to guitar and for the job at Langholz Michael Niklasson was committed. In the same year appeared "projector". Here Dark Tranquillity parted definitively from its roots. The album contained clean vocals, piano parts and electrical gadgets, what you had to fast track completely waived, and consistent with its nihilistic attitude more than to Gothic to Metal. Also "Haven" brought little improvement. Although the song sounded again afterMetal that eltektronischen and keyboard parts were but remained, making the album in most death metallers still rather caused toothache than enthusiasm. Then in 2002 came with "Damage Done" a strong album of Dark Tranquillity. The gentlemen recollected to its roots, attracted the screws in terms of heaviness again and delivered from their best piece of work, with which it was possible to regain a lot of old fans. By "character" it schfften the Swedes even to be further enhanced. Harder, faster, more aggressive album came out of the speakers at the same time you had your technical side rediscovered and let this be included with, but without embarrassment to mere demonstrate his skills. Down it went, unfortunately, again with "Fiction" on which the musical style was neat that made available again clean vocals but again some broken. Shortly after, Michael left the band and was replaced by Daniel Antonsson. The following 2010 "We Are The Void" was again drowned by keyboards. Three years later, Daniel left the band, so they stood there from now on no real bass. Before appearing in the same year "Construct" the band found itself in a crisis, as it was divided, in what direction you should go and this was reflected clearly the product again. Cool Kracher alternated with average gloomy numbers and ghastly gothic whine. Although all in all the metalheads were not entirely disappointed wäer to talk about a good album but exaggerated.

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