Napalm Death

Napalm Death was founded in 1991 by singer and bassist Nik Bullen and drummer Miles The Rat. Among other change even Miles was quick out and was replaced by Mick Harris, to be found in Justin Broadrick a guitarist. This occupation nahm14 songs, including "You Suffer" with a second season. Since the other songs were short, you could print on one side of the LP so. Then there were armed, which meant that on the second page of a year later published "Scum" from the old line was only Mick doing. Otherwise, could be heard on the album Lee Dorrian (Growling), Bill Steer (guitar) and Jimmy Whiteley (Bass). When the work was published, it defined the Grindcore and became the most important and best-known work at all, the more radical and hardness everything had before seen fade and in the future should be second to none and one of the hardest albums. Also lyrically it was dealing with a typical Napalm Death album, the lyrics were politically left-wing, which should be a hallmark of the band and also a part of the Bekanntgheit and the success contributed to the English reaped with "Scum". In "From Enslavement To Obliteration" was a year later, Shane Embury as this bass player, who had replaced Jimmy. Otherwise, the album went a similar style as its predecessor, became another classic and brought the band commercially forward. After the album climbed to Shane and Mick from all members, so that they had to "Harmony Corruption", a new line-up up what they were doing by signing up with Mark Greenway (vocals), Mitch Harris and Jesse Pintado (both guitar ) increased. Unfortunately, these changes left their mark on the tape over, the album was death metal heavy and lacked the typical punk flip side, what the success of the panel did not detract from the fans but despite good songs like "Suffer the Children" with was subdued. The band took the criticism seriously and re-released with "Utopia Banished" a typical Napalm Death album, the commercially most successful band ever was, until 2015 topped this achievement. This is followed Mick was not involved, he had left the band and was replaced by Danny Herrera. "Fear, Emptiness, Despair" went in a similar direction, but was experimental and was achieved despite the hits "Twist The Knife (Slowly)" hardly convincing, which also affects "Diatribes" that its peak was in "Greed Killing" only slightly changed. Before 1997 'Inside The Torn Apart "was released, Mark was just outside, but came back. Nevertheless remained the album, as well as the successor, with the possible exception of the 2002 work "Order Of The Leech", pale, and you have to keep the band benefited, in a time when the Grindcore was clinically dead, to have maintained their style and not to be followed as nearly all bands in the genre, irgednwelchen trends. Shortly after Jesse left the band, which he succumbed two years later due to a diabetic disease. The remaining members not occupied in his honor, the second guitar, so Napalm Death since then are a quartet. Unfortunately, Jesse's absence was felt in the musical direction of the 2005 album "The Code Is Red ... Long Live The Code". This had recorded many experiments and counts despite high-profile guest musicians (including Jeffrey Walker of Carcass) to the weakest of the band. Also on a year later published "Smear Campaign", which was a concept album against religion, the Englishman could support. Had notable financial success is, as strong in the three-year clock "Time Waits For No Slave", the extremely weak "Utilitarian" as well as the high-interposed moved "Apex Predator - Easy Meat" appeared.

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