Disattack were established in 1985. Bill Steer (vocals and guitar) and Ken Owen (drums and vocals) in England. Only after the band in 1987 with Sanjiv (lead vocals) and Jeff Walker (bass and vocals) had strengthened the name was then changed to Carcass. Sanjiv was quickly back out, so that Bill and Jeff again shared the lead vocals. With this line in 1988 appeared "Reek Of Putrefication". The album was a hit, got rave reviews and was an essential part in the development of grindcore. Also "Symphonies Of Sickness" went in the same direction and was also better produced than its predecessor, but could not quite keep up with this stuff in Hitdichte. Yet it was also at this album is a great moment of grindcore and one of the biggest albums of this genre at all. Shortly thereafter, Carcass reinforced with a second guitarist, Michael Amott. This seemed to "Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious" with the left but recognized a significant deterioration compared to the previous albums. Although it had even more effort to contemporary production and also technically the album was strong, but it turned out more melodic than had been previously known Carcass, rather headed towards deathcore and could hardly convince with this orientation. Even more extreme, this development was to "Heartwork", was extremely focused on commercial success and sometimes completely removed from the extreme music, which was reflected also in the production. Although the album was the most successful to date the Englishman prevailed in the band resignation, it had still hoped for more success. Even before the release of the album Michael left the band because he could not make friends with the new roadmap. This was followed by several line-up changes on the guitar items before the band broke up in 1995. A year later appeared later the album "Swansong", the completed previously, was however not published by the record label. The album was almost as successful as its predecessor, but was also considered to be disappointment. They found no more real hard songs and even the level of "Heartwork" could not be maintained. It took twelve years to Carcass came together again. Bill and Jeff were again going as Michael. Ken had to fit, because he had suffered a brain haemorrhage in 1999 and since then nurmehr was very limited playing drums. Even Michael was quickly back out there and on drums joined the cast also still before 2013, "Surgical Steel" with Ben Ash (guitar) and Daniel Wilding (drums) appeared.

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