Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower were formed in 1986 in England by Barry Thompson (guitar) and Gavin Ward (bass). The latter rose rapidly also on the guitar to, also completed after changing games on the site of the vocalists and bassists Karl Willetts (vocals), Jo Bench (guitar) and Andrew Whale (drums) the band. Quick went one to the studio and recorded "In The Battle There Is No Law!" on. Although the album contained a high-class grindcore / death metal mix so terrible breakthrough, probably because of weak production of the disc. On "Realm Of Chaos" is then moved hardness and aggressiveness significantly and improved high again, but left a popularity boost further in coming. Only with "War Master" the band managed to cause a stir, which represented a certain irony, the album was not only the far softest of Englishmen, but also qualitatively not on a level with the previous. Nevertheless, the stylistic changes and the loss of quality songwriting were marginal and so was "War Master" a strong drive, which earned the deserved appreciation of the band. Weaker presented one on "The IVth Crusade", the leisurely and a little tired sound, which you drove the grindcore shares that had previously been in the forefront back. With "... For Victory" was presented again in the usual form. After the album was then concluded for Charles and Andrew, at two positions members began to enter the jack in hand, 1998, was, however, a line-up with Alex Thomas on drums and David Ingram on vocals. Thus, they were ready to take up with "Mercenary" his eighth album, which also made it into the charts managed, for the first time what the band from now on should always succeed. A little later, then took off his hat and Alex Martin Kearns returned, who had previously been an intermezzo. Into the new millennium started with the English "Honour - Valour - Pride". After the album David left the band for health reasons and Karl came back. This was "Those Once Loyal" was added, the Bolt Thrower was even more typical.

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