Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian emerged from the band Lucifer's Heritage Incorporated in 1984, consisting of André Olbrich (guitar), Hansi Kürsch (vocals and bass), Hans-Peter Frey (drums) and Christoph Theissen (guitar) existed. As in 1987, Hans-Peter and Christopher left the band and were replaced by The Omen upsetting and Marcus Siepen, named by one in Blind Guardian. A year later appeared "Battalions Of Fear", which was able to convince with his fast, raw style of play. That again a year later published "Follow The Blind" could maintain this level and convinced all along the line. Unfortunately, in contrast, fell "Tales From The Twilight World" from 1990 something. Although it was dealing with an ordinary album, but tried to be more likely to have complex structures, which the expense was of hardness and speed. Unfortunately, this style has been further expanded to "Somewhere Far Beyond", is turned away from his previous styles, trying instead to a soaked in bombastic Power Metal, but perfectly fit into the trend of the times and the band earned international attention for the first time. In addition, it had succeeded like on the previous two albums, winning Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray as a guest singer. This style was made worse on "Imaginations From The Other Side", the aggressiveness and power finally conceded no room and moved more to epic. After this album Hansi remembered that he played on bass can not be bothered more, which is why he ended this activity. The place on the bass was not reoccupied subsequently, which is why this activity is now taken over by various which guest and session musicians. The same is, for example, on "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" of the case, which is a concept album about Tolkien's "Simarillion". Musically they had found his style and gave no more on this. The same could also be heard on "A Night At The Opera", which came up with yet more chorus and even less metal than the previous. Meanwhile, this style was also The Omen on your nerves, so he left the band and was replaced by Frederik Ehmke. With this "A Twist In The Myth" was recorded, which stylistically represented a step back and dropped significantly better again by Regained hardness knew than the previous albums. Qualitatively similar failed "At The Edge Of Time", which even harder presented itself from songwriting ago, but also the orchestral shares increased again, making the album a double-edged affair. In the article published in this year the tenth album of blind curtains, "Beyond The Red Mirror", we went back a corner bombastic to the point where hard or fast songs remained the exception and could not maintain the level of the previous works.

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