Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray were founded in 1989, when Kai Hansen (guitar) stepped out with Helloween and with Ralf Scheepers (vocals), Uwe Wessel (bass) and Matthias Burchard (drums) put together a band that met his expectations. With this line appeared "Heading For Tomorrow", which sounded like the pumpkin heads at the beginning of their careers and also "Sigh No More, now with Dirk butcher as the second guitarist and Uli Kusch, who would later drum for Helloween, instead of Matthias, went in same direction and despite the soft play the comparison with the same time appeared "Pink Bubbles Go Ape" by Kais Ex troupe decide for themselves. Even after this album were made changes in the cast, Uli was out again and Uwe returned to guys back, for they came Thomas Nack (drums) and Jan Rubach (bass), which would still make as a producer of itself speeches, in the band. This occupation played "Insanity And Genius" one, which represented the last album with Ralf who had to leave the band after he had applied to replace Rob Halford in Judas Priest. A new singer has not been set and so Kai grabbed himself to micro, he had also hammer out neatly on the first Helloween output. "Land Of The Free", on the Michi Kiske (ex-Helloween) and Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) gave their tryst, then became the most successful of the band and established Kai and his boys as an equal counterpart to Helloween. Even after this album were several lineup changes, Jan and Thomas acknowledged the service, the latter was replaced by Dan Zimmerman and Dirk switched from guitar to bass and they hired with Henjo judge a new guitarist, who also took over the keyboard parts. Having thus the occupations had so often changed in six years as a band that except Kai Not a member had been listening to all albums, they had now found a stable line-up, which should be over a longer period so. In this cast they took "Somewhere Out In Space" and the successor and "Power Plant" on, the latter knew about fallen by a modified style and also the power metal rather averse contemporaries prepared joy. Even as one with "No World Order" and the sequel "Majestic" took the plunge into the new millennium, you could convince, although not as strong albums sounded like its predecessor. Two years later we began with "Land Of The Free II" the concept of the continued success of her album of the same name, was compared to the direct predecessors but in a softer direction, so that the album did not know to convince. Stronger presented one on "To The Metal", which is one of the most successful deal the band's albums. After the album was over for Dan, who hung up after sixteen years the drumsticks on the nail and was replaced by Michael honor of the "Empire Of The Undead" made his debut, which represented well with the heaviest album of the band and the good form the predecessor not only preserved but even this exceeded.

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