Stratovarius founded in 1984 in Finland under the name Black Water. In the first time became more frequent line-up changes, but in 1989 "Fright Night" - under the title Stratovarius - appeared, there was a cast of Timo Tolkki (vocals and guitar), Jyrki Lentonen (bass), Antti icons (keyboards) and Tuomo Lassila ( Drums). The album offered Power Metal, which was to be understood as Weichspül version of Black Sabbath, enriched with traditional bonds. This style was characteristic of the band and should learn more than marginal adjustments in the course of their careers. However, the quality of the pieces left on "Fright Night" compared to later albums to be desired, leading to mediocre reviews. The successor "II" (later "Twilight Time" titled), on the Jari Behm instead of Jyrki served the bass, you landed in Japan a hit. After the album, the cast changed on Barks again, Jari Behm was replaced by Jari Kainulainen who also "Dream Space" grossed, which was recorded positive by critics and the band gave more prominence and success in Europe. "Fourth Dimension" presented so far is a novelty, as Timo Tolkki continues handed the mic to Timo Kotipelto and focused from now on on his guitar. In addition, participated on the album, the melodic and classical Parts more space, but this was at the expense of the metal elements. As most fans but always put little emphasis on excessive force, this was largely neutral to well received. Then there was a technical occupation upheaval on the plan, and Tuomo Antti had to vacate their posts, was georgelt henceforth by Jens Johansson and the drums were maltreated by Jörg Michael, who was also active with Running Wild. Even this international cast suggested that Stratovarius is now covered on a larger scale and with "Episode" you could feel vindicated in this view. For the first time the band worked with a choir and orchestra, for which the metal shares were reduced to a minimum. Nevertheless, one should be up to the successor "Visions" - have to wait before they could celebrate the breakthrough on the old continent - a concept album about Nostradamus. From now on, the Finns should find more supporters, which was reflected in the success of the subsequent "Destiny" and "Infinite". One more step towards bombast was made with the two 2003's "Elements Pt. 1" and "Elements Pt. 2", where especially the first part formally drowned in strings. As a result, it became apparent that Timo Tolkki was suffering from psychological problems and began to fire at random Band Member and adjust until it eventually self einwies itself. Nevertheless, in 2005 the self-titled album was recorded, on which the band harder and heavier presented than before and could even attract attention outside the melodic sector, although it continued to pursue a soft approach and only a disastrous previous albums relatively brutal went to work , Then Timo Tolkki retired from the band and was replaced by Matias Kupiainen. Before that, Jari left the band and was replaced by Lauri Porra. Only 2009 Stratovarius reported back with "Polaris", which presented the band back in its typical style and the changes of its predecessor made undone. Also "Elysium" went in the same direction before 2012. Jörg a tumor was found and he had to seek treatment, which is why he left Stratovarius. Replacement for him was found in Rolf Pilve. With his "Nemesis" was recorded.

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