Edguy were founded in 1992 in Fulda by Jens Ludwig and Dirk Sauer (guitar) and Tobias Sammet (vocals, keyboard and bass) and Dominik Storch (drums). After they had made it to a few years to get a record deal, released in 1997, "Kingdom Of Madness", on the one Power Metal played in the style of Helloween or Gamma Ray. However, it was not on this album to listen to Tobias on bass, as they had been engaged in a full-Tobias Exxel man for the steel hawser. The album should remain the only one with Dominik behind the drums, because this was subsequently replaced by Felix Bohnke. "Vain Glory Opera" resorted to prominent help, you could still win both Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius and Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian as a guest musician. The success should nevertheless have to wait until "Theater Of Salvation" is all about. This could also be held with "The Savage Poetry", an album that was actually written in 1995 and sold as a self-production and now the band was re-recorded and produced professionally. Thus, the album is actually the debut of the band represents, but also fit well as a fourth album in the discography, because the style of Hesse had hardly changed since 1995, only some chorale accents were added, these were but used sparingly. "Mandrake" was an experimental album, the one hand, included some songs that you could listen to as the Power Metal an affectionate little metalhead, however, had to offer some total failures. This was followed by an unusually long break of three years, before being published 2004 "Hellfire Club". For this album Tobias had decided to work with an orchestra. But what led to a musical disaster when ninety percent of all bands, Edguy did not hurt, on the contrary, "Hellfire Club" was the strongest album of the band, which also paved the harder fraction joy, although the album stood here and there more straightness to shame would have. But Especially the opener "Mysteria" knew too much and for a song succeeded the guys even Mille Petrozza from Kreator to bring on board. The disillusionment was not long after this album, as a kind of poetic justice for the hit song "Hellfire Club" became "Rocket Ride" a fiasco. Much too lax and lame walked Edguy to works and of metal was here at most peripherally mitzubekommen something made the album the weakest of the band. Also, the decoupled Single snorer as "Superheroes" fit perfectly into the picture. Also "Tinnitus Sanctus" brought little improvement, even if an upward trend was discernible. Only "Age Of The Joker" showed the Fulda improved and moved partly on "Mandrake" level, from stupid to embarrassing video for the single "Robin Hood" apart times. The uptrend should also: stop, despite the silly title and a grotto bad cover of "Rock Me Amadeus" Messrs improved again represented, with which one could connect almost at "Hellfire Club", so that "Space Police Defenders Of The Crown" the average Heavy Metal could find favor at least for a few Hördurchgänge on the album.

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