One of the biggest Finnish bands Nightwish 1996 by Tarja Turunen (vocals), Emppu Vuorinen (guitar and bass) and Tuomas Holopainen (keyboards) were founded. These were amplified with drummer Jukka Nevalainen and Sami Vänskä, who took over the bass of Emppu before they recorded in 1997 "Angels Fall First". The album offered to typical keyboard-heavy Power Metal, and would hardly have been more if not Tarja's voice of music would have given a completely new paint, which meant that the band could enter unusually great success and even with non-power metallers found recognition. On "Oceanborn" One year later, Tarja presented again improved, which lifted the band to a whole other level, as everything was, whatever else is heard in the Power Metal sector. Also again a year later released "Wishmaster" was able to maintain this level and had par with the title track to the classics of the band on board. After this album was closing for Sami, who passed his position on the bass of Marco Hietala, who was to take over vocals. To hear the first time he was on "Century Child", which represented a musical Weietrentwicklung, you still went off the Power Metal and a symphonic direction what great fit even to Tarja's voice. This development towards orchestral was maintained on the following album "Once". Unfortunately the band lined up, however, but very commercial success which, although financially paid off, by the fans but led to criticism. So Tarja held in her opera singing back noticeably. Added to this were extremely soft tracks like the single "Nemo". In addition, some tracks were kept very progressive, which did not know to please without restrictions. On the other hand, found on the album also some of the hardest tracks of the Finns, so that one can not speak of a total failure. After the album is split from Tarja. Not only the fans screamed bloody murder, but also the different parties to one another afterwards, what resulted in a large mud-slinging and the band and especially Tuomas human would not let stand in the best light. Yet you could not let it stay on the first album with new singer Anette Olzon, "Dark Passion Play" in 2007, still vigorously nachzutreten against Tarja. Musically, however, the shot backfired. Although they had again some hard tracks at the start, who knew how to like, but once you tried to dive into operatic sphere, showed that Anette was not a replacement for Tarja and the majority of the epic tracks therefore did not know how to please. In the 2011 concoction "Imaginaerum" allowed to the harder parts omitted and devoted himself more to the bombastic elements, which had not worked with Anette previously, whereby the album back fell far short of its predecessors. After the album Anette was out again, this time there had been apparently in the band of bad blood, even if you do not let so penetrate to the outside, as in Tarja's expulsion. Replacement was found in Floor Jansen. In addition, it was considered necessary, a Tin Whistle and Uillean Pipes players take in Troy Donockley in the occupation which the renunciation of metal, which was in fact taken place already on the last album, once again made clear. This manifested itself in the published in this year, "endless forms most beautiful". Although they had a much more effective with Floor singer on board than last, but one had the bombast now such exaggeration that music including perished, so the album unfortunately hardly represented an improvement to its predecessor.

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