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Within Temptation were set up in 1996 in the Netherlands by Sharon Jenny den Adel (vocals), Robert Westerholt (guitar & vocals), Michiel Papenhove (guitar), Jeroen van Veen (bass) and Martijn Westerholt (keyboard). The occupation on the drums constantly changed, the "Enter" took Ivar de Graaf on the drum stool space that was however rather on an interim basis while and soon went back. The album offered average, sometimes quite hard Gothic Metal. Also, there should be the only the band could be heard on the gegrowlte vocals. The disc could be placed in the charts and laid the foundation for the later success of the band in Holland. This should be set to "Mother Earth" begin. However, one more musical now the famous style that moved you look but in significantly more pop realm and also allowed no slouch, the verwursten to one or other approach to symphonic. Shortly after leaving Martijn, Michiel and for the umpteenth time Ivar the band. The latter was by Stephen Haestregt, former Martijn Spierenburg beziehungseise after some back and forth from Ruud Adrianus Jolie replaced. The new should give their debut on the 2004 release, "The Silent Force", which further pursued musical trend of the last album. However, you overdid it with the orchestration now so that the music had less to do with metal than with shallow Weichspül rock. Better fell "The Heart Of Everything", on the one reduced the proportion of epic elements in order to go back more towards metal can. Unfortunately, however, they found themselves still trapped in the chosen style in many places, so that the album could not completely convince. This should not also succeed "The Unforgiving" of 2011 on the contrary. The album struck a new direction and went into a corny Power Metl-direction, which stood in stark contrast to previous work of the band and not well received, especially as it further than ever away from the metal. Extremely unfavorable album was accordingly as first release with drummer Mike Coolen, who had previously replaced Stephen. Still farther down we went with "Hydra", which was not only made worse craftsmanship, but on a song included even rapped vocals. The only hit turned "Paradise (What About Us?)" Represents that was saved in the first place by the vocal performance by Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen ex, who participated in this song as a guest singer.

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