Even idols have started small and it is not as if AC / DC In 1973, was different. First, the occupation changed frequently, but when two years later "High Voltage" was released, the line-up of Mark Evans (bass), Phil Rudd was (Drums), Angus and Malcolm Young (guitar) and Bon Scott (vocals). The album went into the Australian charts and the band managed to make a name. Even more successful was the "TNT", published in the same year with classics like the title track or "The Jack" are. With "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" the band in Europe should profile. That Australians neither with this album, yet with "Let There Be Rock" the level of "TNT" could reach, degenerated into a minor matter. Before "Powerage" goodbye Mark, who was replaced by Cliff Burton, who brought his bass playing breathe new life into the band. This was also reflected in the album down, on which the Aussies again presented themselves strongly. However, the musical show of force should only appear with "Highway To Hell". The shock was to come, when Bon was found dead on February 19, 1980. The band was at that time before the dissolution, but ultimately it was decided to continue by installed as the new singer in Biran Johnson. Ultimately, this decision should prove a godsend. For when released "Back In Black", it was the band ripped literally out of his hands and is listed as second most successful album of all time. Also, "For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)" with his monster of the title track became a classic. This was followed by the end of Phil at AC / DC because he suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. For him, Simon Wright joined the band, who had to listen to "Flick Of The Switch" - a gutklassigen album, which was valued at reticent. However, it had been Brian's entry returned the bluesy elements. A real quality loss could be heard only on "Fly On The Wall", which arm of highlights rather average fare offered. Also "Blow Up Your Video" could not counteract this trend. After the album was followed by another line-up change, Simon was replaced by Chris Slade, was taken with the "The Razors Edge", which in 1990 showed the men in old form. To reduce not only on "Thunderstruck", the Australians next to the trendy but horny "Money Talks" with the title track and one of their toughest tracks raged and had thereby. After the album Chris was shown the door because Phil had his problems under control and returned. With him they went back back to the roots, as soon became apparent on "Ball Breaker". Surprisingly, could not convince the album and became a non-starter, which was the weakest album of the band. "Stiff Upper Lip" was stronger, but also failed to convince and even with "Black Ice" could shape not find, on the contrary, the first half with ironed numbers such as "Rock 'N' Roll Train" was moving dangerously close to " Ball Breaker "and only the second half saved the disc. Schießlich overtook the men staffing problems. Not only Phil was indicted in New Zealand and replaced by the returning Chris, also Malcom suffered a stroke and suffered from then on dementia, which his departure had become inevitable. Nevertheless, the band with Malcom and Aungus' nephew Stevie Young "Rock Or Bust" took on, which presented the Australians back stronger.

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