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In 1964, Vincent veneer (vocals), Michael Bruce (guitar & keyboard), Glen Buxton (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) The Earwigs. Meherere renames later (The Earwigs - The Spiders - The Nazz - Alice Cooper) had been in 1969 a final name and published "Pretties For You", which was inconsequential. "Easy Action" was another Langweiler. Only with "Love It To Death" was found in the track. This also published in 1971, "Killer" was stronger and, with his hard stance represents a classic. Commercially the success should be reflected "School's Out" whose title track stormed the charts. Just fell sharply from "Billion Dollar Babies", which offered more hits with "Elected" and "No More Mr. Nice Guy". A sagging contributed one with the well from 1973 originating "Muscle Of Love", which sounded more like the first albums, for the fans, however, was unsatisfactory, although one handed in no weak album. Surprisingly, the band then broke up. Vincent had not yet enough of horror show and wanted to carry on alone. This should prove to be difficult since he did not have the naming rights to the band. Consequently, he changed his name to Alice Cooper, so he appeared no longer band title, but his name. His debut as an individual musician should not be long in coming. "Welcome To My Nightmare" from 1975 was a concept album and convinced. However, the peak period of the shocker came to an end. "... Goes To Hell" was reasonable but lacked exclamation. Poor was "Lace And Whiskey". In "From The Inside" should again Lichtblicke be included, but at his old level Alice could not connect. The four albums represented a total failure and could not convince. But reached the nadir to The Coop scrambled up and so was in 1986 "Constrictor" in stores and so offered refreshing Hardrock like much longer. "Raise Your Fist And Yell" should be more severe, however, presented the quality of the songs do not manage to connect with predecessors. This should again succeed with "Trash", which not only the man's biggest hit bid with "Poison" for almost twenty years, but generally was an album of outstanding quality. Even more should "Hey Stoopid" fail. Compared to these albums presented "The Last Temptation" is a disappointment. They tried to revive this concept album the 70-Spirit of Alice Cooper, but gelng only partially. Stronger was "Brutal Planet" from 2000, on the true story of "The Last Temptation" was continued, which, however, went in a different direction musically. Although we had to complain to the output an annoying Industrial Flip side, but liked the hardness of the concoction, so that the album did well. Also "Dragon Town" from 2001, the last installment of the saga, went in this direction, but more came, also because they had scaled back the Indusrial bonds and again focused on an organic guitar sound. On the following "The Eyes Of ..." (2003), "Dirty Diamonds" (2005) and "Along Came A Spider" The Coop tried to orient himself to his early works. The statement did not address, instead departed sounded Alice endeavor and especially "Along Came A Spider" was boring. Probably saw the Alice one, anyway, he devoted himself to another project and brought with "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" a sequel to the 1975 classic out. Unlike other bands that hurt with Sochen sequels usually and claims not do justice, but Mr. Cooper managed to release a good album, although one or the other experiment was too much. Thus, although could not be reached the predecessor, yet had but to do it with a strong album.

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