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Deep Purple Klangen beginning rather moderate, as in the founding year 1968, the Men Rod Evans (vocals), Nick Simper (bass), Jon Lord (Hammond organ), Ritchie Blackmore (guitar) and Ian Paice (drums) "Shades Of ..." published , The album offered a typical for the time psychedelic hard rock, but was fairly inconsequential. Same was true for the publications in the same year "The Book of Taliesyn" and the self-titled album. The musical output was rather uninteresting and it would be stuck with it, the band would hardly be mentioned here. But things turned out differently, as a result Nick were replaced by Roger Glover and Ian Gillan by Rod. Prompt the musical pace should change. "... In Rock" was a chiseled in stone milestone established Hard Rock in isolation on the international stage and is perhaps best illustrates what ever a band has spawned the genre. Also "Fireball" and "Machine Head" with the mega-hit "Smoke On The Water" became absolute classics that shaped the genre. Numerous gold records, awards and set a world record as the loudest band in the world later, however, the descent of the band should follow. Internal disputes between Roger and Ian Gillan on one side and Ritchie on the other side had the consequence that "Who Do We Think We Are" was unable to exploit the potential of the band and became a failure. After the album Ian Gillan and Roger left unnerved the band and were replaced by David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes. "Burn" they showed improved, especially the title track did to please and you had the impression that the British were on the mend. That this is a question of a mistake, could be seen with the data published in the same year "Stormbringer", which not only has "Fireball" recognizable, especially from "Who Do We Think We Are" forced blues elements to the extreme operation, but also qualitatively represented a step backwards and one of the weakest albums of the band. After this album Ritchie took his hat and was replaced by Tommy Bolin. "Come Taste The Band" became the musical total loss and could not convince. Disappointed by their defeat and exasperated by the internal quarrels abandoned Deep Purple and ended the band in March 1976. Eight years should the band are on ice before being 1984 neugründete into the occupation of 1970-74. In the same year appeared "Perfect Strangers", which could be connected to the former class of the band and with hits like the title track or "Knocking At Your Backdoor" a classic posed. Even "The House Of Blue Light" was a good album, although you did not reach the class of its predecessor, also, because you went quite experimental to the point. Unfortunately, after Ian Gillan got out again, again it had dispute with Ritchie added. His replacement Joe Lynn Turner was "Masters Slaves And" listening to, which was moving at a similar level as its predecessor, but many fans to unfamiliar sounds, which is why the disc mostly panned and Joe chased by the Court and again replaced by Ian Gillan was , With this line was "The Battle Rages On ..." recorded, on the especially the title track did convince. However, the disagreements in the band came to a head again and after one album in the old cast Ritchie left the band again. As a substitute Steve Morse has been committed, which was also heard on the experimental "Purpendicular". The album offered little highlights, but solid average fare and put together with the qualitatively similar but tougher "Abandon" from 1998 the transition to the late work of the band represents. Shortly thereafter, Jon Lord got out of the band dedicated to replace Don Airey. With him appeared "Bananas", "Rapture Of The Deep" from 2005 and "Now What?!, All cracks not from the stool, the reputation of the band but also not hurt.

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