Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin were founded in 1968 by Robert Plant (vocals), Jimmy Page (guitar), John Paul Jones (bass) and John Bonham (drums). The self-titled album was released a year later and presented at that time is the hardest thing he had ever heard. John Bonham's drum sound hard and also the other production of the album in conjunction with the Hard Rock with Blues-logging, the band played, represented something entirely new and established the nascent in the emergence Hardrock among musical genres. Although the trade press slating the unadjusted concoction, but the listeners were enthusiastic and a real Led Zep hype began. Worldwide attracted the notice published in the same year successor "... II 'attention. Especially the hit "Whole Lotta Love" became one of the most important pieces in the early days of the Hard Rock. Otherwise, the band retained its style, at the bluesy hard rock with many other elements were mixed, which is not only laid the foundation for the heavy metal, but also had the Progressive division decisive influence in, but sounded more of a piece than in the somewhat thrown together acting predecessor. On "... III" changed the English her style radically and buildings from the progressive side, but remained high at a high level. It was followed by the legendary concoction of band that untitled album. Led by the hit "Stairway To Heaven" came the rest of the album became a classic that made the band of stars into legends. Also "Houses of the Holy" from 1973 and "Physical Graffity" two years later rode on that wave of world renown, being both self-represented and particularly highlights the discography "Physical Graffity" with "Kashmir" and again offered a Song About. In "Presence" one went harder to work, not only took Heavy Metal passages in his music, but allowed in some places even flashed what should be known as thrash metal. Nevertheless, the album moved qualitatively everything you had ever heard of Led Zep and put the end of the big stage of the band. Also, "In Through The Outdoor" from 1979 could not prevent the band among the many newly established bands their position could not hold. As also on September 25, 1980 John Bonham choked to a night out on his own vomit and was found dead, the band broke up. However, since we still had contracts with the record company, was prepared from old recordings nor the album "Coda" together before the band was buried.

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