Motörhead were in 1975 by Lemmy (vocals & bass), Larry Wallis (guitar), and founded Lucas Fox (drums). The latter were soon out and were replaced by fast Clarke and Philthy Animal. So the self-titled debut in 1977, was added, which represented an average album. The music presented an unusual style is, the Heavy Metal à la Black Sabbath with punk elements replied. Hardness Moderately moving you look at the Hard Rock, but sounded different from other bands. Was seen by the style and the cover, on the mascot Snaggletooth, you could celebrate successes. Finally played to his class two years later on "Overkill" from. The album is a classic and laid the foundation for the Speed ​​Metal. Thus one had come to the taste, because in the same year was "Bomber" published, which could convince. Also in the same year was "On Parole" released, which had taken up the band in 1976 but not published. The album, however, was weak. Persuasion was the title track, but that did not save the disc. A new album was "Ace Of Spades". It had the usual quality or surpassed its predecessor and was added to the Motörhead-disc, carried by the title track, but the level of most of the songs was outstanding. The album was typical Motörhead, easily influenced by Judas Priest, as Priest were inspired by Motörhead and was the starting point for the NWOBHM. But now the star of the band began to decline. "Iron Fist" of 1982 was songwriting weaker, would have been neat, one would not have the production Spanking so convinced only the title track. Then almost left the band and was replaced by Brian Robertson. So "Another Perfect Day" was recorded, but that went towards mainstream. So was unable to repeat old days and you vergraulte fans. Now Philthy Animal and Brian left the band. The former was replaced by ex-Saxon drummer Pete Gill-for the latter was adjusted in Wizzö Campbell and Würzel Burston two new guitarists. The following 1986 'Orgasmatron "unfortunately sounded powerless and was a failure. Now it was over for Pete. In "Rock 'N' Roll" was heard again Philthy Animal. This album has not convinced, Hard Rock was nothing to hear. In 1991 published "1916" sounded good again, was a shame that this impression was destroyed by a few songs on which one was more than accommodating towards Radio compatibility, and even did not stop in front of keyboards. Soon Philthy Animal flew back out and was replaced by Mikkey Dee. So "The March Ör" was recorded, which was aimed to land a hit and failed. Better one made it on "Bastards". It sounded again Motörhead and had with "Born To Raise Hell" this a hit. "Sacrifice" from 1995 went in the same direction. Then Würzel left the band. For him as a replacement was brought. "Overnight Sensation" continued the line further, however, began to experiment what the album did not do well. More present were the experiments "Snake Bite Love", which continued the downward trend. Stopping could this development with "We Are ...", which has long been harder and the strongest who the band. Also "Hammered" went in the same direction. Once again we had a good album that was poor in compelling songs. The exception was "Walk A Crooked Mile". Same was true for "Inferno", "Kiss Of Death", "Motörizer" and "The Wörld Is Yours", with which one continued his late work. The toothless "Aftershock" seemed to say goodbye to the pension, but will release it a new album this year.

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