Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden were in 1975 by Paul Day (vocals), Steve Harris (bass), Ron Matthews (drums), Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance (guitar) founded. The beginning was chaotic so than in 1980, the self-titled debut was released, only Steve had left, all other positions had been replaced several times, so Paul Di'Anno (vocals), Clive Burr (drums) and guitarist Dennis Stratton and Dave Murray, his second term had when the virgins, supported him. But the band managed nevertheless to provide a strong album. The harsh sound, which paid tribute to the punk tribute matched Paul's singing and the strong songs made from the output a classic. Soon Dennis the band and was replaced by Adrian Smith. So appeared "Killers", which surpassed the success of the debut and a milestone represented. Musically they arrived back hard, otherwise the shekel showed only marginal changes to its predecessor on. On the tour, Paul was dismissed because of his drug use. But what looked like a serious blow to the band, became a godsend, because on "The Number Of The Beast" took over Bruce Dickinson, the micro, the enthusiastic with his clear vocals. Even otherwise, the punk elements had disappeared and pure metal is turned to. The album became the classics at all, although the "satanist" Cover led to controversy. Soon Clive left the band, there were Nicko McBrain, who was listening to "Piece Of Mind" and "Powerslave", which have been successful, the level of the first albums but missed. Down it went with "Somewhere In Time". As Judas Priest tried virgins direction Glam to go, being allowed to feed at least a gloomy note. The final crash was followed with "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son", a concept album on which one went towards pop and songwriting seemed too complicated. Now Adrian left the band and was replaced by Janick Gers. So appeared "No Prayer For The Dying", which went back to the roots, and convinced with "Bring Your Daughter ... To The Slaughter" perhaps the best Maiden song ever had. Because the people had expected but a music in pop style album, the Output has been panned. "Fear Of The Dark" was stronger, offered with the title track and "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" two of the best songs ever and should have been a classic, but was ignored. So Bruce left the band who tried Blaze Bayley to establish as a substitute, but poorly managed. His voice was unsuitable for music and technical defects appeared at concerts and "The X Factor". The album itself was also weak, it was too dark and progressively works. "Virtual XI" sounded just had to complain a feeble sound and weaker than its predecessor. Ultimately, you could see that the commitment of Blaze was hardly promising, so he left the band in order to make way for Bruce's return. Since this Adrian bring back in the band, but she did not leave Janick, one made with two on. Built in 2000, published "Brave New World" was mediocre. On the one hand you had strong songs, on the other hand many pieces were progressive and did not convince. In "Dance Of Death" the progressive side was reinforced and partially resorted to orchestral accompaniment. Unfortunately, the downward trend of virgins should continue. Had they delivered with "Dance Of Death" not a bad album, it was with "A Matter Of Life And Death" that's the case. The album was more progressive and lacked the feeling. Still less was "The Final Frontier", which was the most complex album by the band and failed in spite of one or another idea. Actually, it was the prevailing opinion, Maiden would now publish any more albums.

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