Saxon was founded in 1976 as a son of a bitch of Biff Byford (vocals), Doobie Dawson (bass), John Walker (drums), Paul Quinn and Graham Oliver (guitar). Before you changed the name, John was out and was replaced by Pete Gill. Thus appeared in 1979 the self-titled debut, which only partially Metal bot, progressive and glam and bonds had not been listening. Was this album hardly successful, the breakthrough followed with "Wheels Of Steel", on the one had found his style and one of the classic NWOBHM albums handed in. The following in the same year "Strong Arm Of The Law" was able to maintain the level and established Saxon as one of the leading bands. Now it was over for Pete, who had injured his hand and was replaced by Nigel Glockler. So appeared "Denim And Leather", which surpassed the previous two albums, and represents the strongest work of the band. Each song was strong and had been doing with "Princess Of The Night" the strongest Saxon track of all time. On the album's 1983 "Power & The Glory" should play just as strong, but had bad luck with the production. Nevertheless, the album was a blast, the ranked at the level of the 1980 output, but unfortunately at that time did not experience the deserved accolade. That meant that they tried to orient am Main Tram and "Crusader" a soft gait struck. That worked, as with many other bands, and although not one or the other song was good to see, you went pretty bathe, also, what the sales figures were concerned. A second attempt they dared with "Innocence Is No Excuse", which turned out softer and more like Def Leppard as by Saxon sound, although somewhat harder sound compared. Nevertheless, many fans of the band turned their backs. But not only them, also Doobie walked and was replaced on "Rock The Nation" by Paul Johnson. The album went back to the roots, but did not have the class of the earlier albums and fell, although it was an improvement on the past outputs, lame from. Then it came to personnel changes. Paul was out and was replaced by Nibbs Carter and Nigel was briefly away, but returned to "Destiny" in 1988 back, after you should leave for the much stronger "Solid Ball Of Rock" three years. Also, "Forever Free" and 1995 "Dogs Of War" were located on a more than regular rates. Now Graham left the band and was replaced by Doug Scarratt, who had hardly noticed his absence at "Unleash The Beast", so you carried on at the same level. Now Nigel left the band and was replaced by Fritz Randow, who recorded with Saxon "Metalhead" and "Killing Ground", two high-class albums. For "Lionheart" In 2004, Jörg Michael was hired as a drummer, which is not noticed on the album. For "The Inner Sanctum" from 2007 Nigel returned and they released an album that sounded not only tidy, but also a good corner more hit potential offered than anything since the change of style in the eighties and a really strong output represented, the then unfortunately unnoticed blieb.Das following "Into The Labyrith" was more at the level of albums before, neat, but not outstanding. Really strong was "Call To Arms", the so honest and handmade sounded as if it had sprung from the eighties and had a guest appearance by Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey. Also "Sacrifice" was strong, went in a harsher direction and showed that the band was on the peak of their second spring.

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