Running Wild

Running Wild in 1976 by Rock 'N' Rolf Kasparek (Vocal & Guitar), Uwe Bendig (guitar), Carsten David (bass) and founded Hasche Hagemann (Drums) as Granite Heart. After they had changed the name and Uwe and Carsten had replaced Preacher Warnecke and after some back and forth Stephan Boris, they took 1984 'Gates To Purgatory "on. The album was strong and the Speed ​​Metal with Black Metal influences drew attention. Now Preacher left the band and was replaced by Majk Moti. So appeared "Branded And Exiled", which was better than its predecessor and the style refined. He had reduced his music on the essentials and in particular "Chains And Leather" liked. Success came in 1987 with an "Under Jolly Roger". Musically they had raised themselves, especially the title track was a highlight, lyrically developed to herself about piracy. After the greatest classics of the band there were two changes, as Stephan and Hasche left the band and was replaced by Jens Becker and Stefan Schwarzmann. "Port Royal" dared some experiments and could not reach the class of its predecessor, but was a good album, which continued to develop in a certain way, and convinced. With "Uaschitschun" had been an over-song. Bald Stefan returned the band's back and was replaced by Ian Finlay. So "Death Or Glory" was recorded, which turned out hard again offered a hit with "Riding The Storm", and a classic. Prior to the 1991 "Blazon Stone" Majk and Ian left the band and was replaced by Axel Morgan and after some back and forth AC Dreffein. The album followed the course of "Death Or Glory" further and held his class and was charged with "Little Big Horn" a classic. Now Jens and AC left the band and was replaced by Bodo Smuszynski and the returning Stefan. So "Pile Of Skulls" was recorded with the single "Lead Or Gold" which became a classic. Soon Axel and Stefan passed out of the band, for they came Thilo Herrmann and Jörg Michael, who had previously been active already for Ruwi. "Black Hand Inn", a concept album, became a classic. "Masquerade" was a concept album and persuaded, but the material was not as exciting as before. Nevertheless, they had a good album. Was released in 1998, "The Rivalry", which continued the story and quality on par with its predecessor was. Now left Jörg Michael Running Wild, to devote himself Stratovarius. He was replaced after several changes by Angelo Sasso, who sounded on "Victory" that ended the story of the predecessor by drum machines. Otherwise, the album was flawless, but could not connect to the predecessor because of the drumming, although it still had a strong album. Soon Thilo left the band and was replaced by Bernd Aufermann. "The Brotherhood" but got bored, did not like and was the first weak Ruwi album. Now Bernd and Bodo left the band for Peter Jordan respectively Peter Pichl, Angelo also was replaced by Matthias Metal Machine. However, it was at "Rouges En Vogue" the production of the main point of criticism. Otherwise, the songs were mediocre, but so you do not compared to "The Brotherhood" strengthening expect, compared to any other album. So Running Wild dissolved of 2009. The separation lasted only two years before they are reunited with "Shadowmaker" had a reunion album that has not convinced and at the same locations as the previous lame. A year later appeared "Resilient".

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