Xandria are considered one of the newer bands in the symphonic metal sector, although the band was founded in 1994 by Marco Heubaum (guitar) and Niki Weltz (Drums). The two amplified with other musicians, playing Gothic Metal in the vein of Paradise Lost. But at that time there were no publications and the troupe fell apart in 1997. That it would have been actually and Xandria nobody would speak, if not Marco had tried in 2000 for a second time, durchzustarten with the band. So he drummed again musicians together who mitmischten initially in various formations, but slowly formed the line-up that should be listening to "Kill The Sun", especially Lisa Middelhauve (vocals & piano; then still Lisa Scha Phaus), Philip residues Meier (guitar), Roland Krueger (bass), Gerit Lamb (Drums) and Marco. The album was in 2003, had as already indicated, the reactions to the demos of the band, a great success, although the mix of symphonic metal, the one played by now, and still enshrined in the Gothic area Sound anmutet used to. "Ravenheart" with the single "Eversleeping" was then at the height of production technology more and showed the band already in their known style. Symphonic elements dominated, but also trips to other genres could be found. These, however, were for the most part really a matter of taste what the rising success of the band did not diminish. After the album Roland left the band and was replaced by Lisa Mann Nils Middelhauve. With it, "India" was recorded, which continued the direction taken and attended both with an even more powerful sound and with even more musical variety, yet again got good reviews. In another direction was "Salomé - The Seventh Veil", a concept album about the eponymous character from the Bible that turned out less epic, but was very influenced by Middle Eastern music and generally not well received, partly even considered weakest album of the band has been. To make matters worse the band came even lost Lisa, which was replaced after some back and forth by Manuela Kraller as a singer after the album. She was "End Neverworld's" heard on the 2012er output, the "Angels Fall First" sounded after Nightwish debut and represented the hitherto strongest plant of Bielefeld. After that, both for them and for Nils circuit at Xandria who had therefore to cope with a human upheaval and as a substitute Dianne van Giersbergen and Steven Wussow committed, both also "Sacrificium" gave their debut, which went in a similar direction in Sometimes, however, something was too much.

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