Bathory were founded anno '83. Quick started an occult textual alignment with brutal music to unite. Barely a year after founding the band got the chance, two songs for "Scandinavian Metal Attack" sampler to contribute to this and got good reviews. After this initial success Quorthon dismissed the remaining members and began working on debut album. The following story of the band was marked by ever-changing line-ups, Quorthon was the only constant. The self-titled debut album then appeared yet in 1984 and became a classic of the Extreme Metal scene. With "The Return ......" and "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" Bathory consolidated its status as one of the leading black metal bands, before a change of style began. "Blood Fire Death" still sounded like the predecessor, but treated hardly statnistische issues but turned to Norse mythology. Musically the exchange was carried out on "Hammerheart", where you suddenly played a very epic Viking Metal, which Bathory are considered the inventors of the genre. Even "Twilight Of The Gods" continued this style, although the musical quality was not quite maintained. With "Requiem" and "Octagon" Bathory changed their style again, this time at a noisy thrash metal hammering, which is as it were joined to the early days of the band. Again, more then went "Blood On Ice" in an epic direction. Musically they had again strong material in luggage, with the highlight of the album was the ballad "Man of Iron". However, Bathory had meanwhile created by their style change is a problem, since one had quasi two Fanlager who wanted to hear both different music. With "Destroyer Of Worlds" an attempt was made to use both camps, but came out a boring album that never really liked. Upon this Quorthon devoted to the two "Nordland" albums again throughout the Viking Metal. Its end was the story of Bathory, as Quorthon was found dead. What remains are classic in different genres as well as the Viking scene that would probably never have developed without Bathory as they exist today. Rest in Peace, Thomas "Quorthon" Forsberg.

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