Hellhammer / Celtic Frost

Hellhammer was founded by Tom G. Warrior and Hammerhead and played music the way Venom or Motörhead. However, Tom and the former bassist Martin Eric Ain of this style were tired and broke the group on. Then set up the two Celtic Frost. Musically they now developed his own style, which is difficult einornen and was then listed as either Black or Avantgarde Metal. Influences from thrash and death metal are also to recognize and even the corpse paint can be attributed to the Swiss. In 1985 the debut album "To Mega Therion". At this time the cast had changed several times, but this did nothing to cause, as Celtic Frost Tom only needed to operate. The style of the album had been refined and now there were also non-metallic elements. But it is precisely with this peculiar style was the disc to be a success. With "Into The Pandemonium" extended the Swiss their style again, Gothic elements were added and the success was once again a major. But the heyday of the band went to a close. On the following tour to problems that ultimately led to the dissolution of the band pile. However, the split did barely a year before, the group reformed again. As Tom the music at this time, however, was more matter, the comeback by guitarist Oliver Amberg was created, which resulted in a massive style and image exchange result. In "Cold Lake" was of black metal nothing to hear, instead releaste you a glam album that triggered the fans storms of indignation. "Vanity / Nemesis" then sound again after Celtic Frost as they knew; The disc represents the most underrated of the band, yet they contributed to their Auflösungd at. Only in 2001 the men met again and after five years you releaste "Monotheist", it sounded again as the Celtic Frost eighties. However, on the following tour, it began to kriseln in the band, so that Tom left Celtic Frost. Thus the troupe was clinically dead, what the remaining members realized so that they dissolved the band.

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