Death was founded in 1983 by guitarist Chuck Schuldiner and his friends Rick Rozz (guitar) and Kam Lee (drums) as Mantas. A year after the band received its final name, left up to Chuck all members the band, prompting selbiger 1987 (except the drums) recorded the debut album "Scream Bloody Gore" all alone. The album received rave reviews and is still regarded as one of death metal art par excellence. Death laid a foundation for today's Death Metal by they provided the music of bands like Motörhead or Exodus consistently radicalized and growled vocals. For the following "Leprosy", with the high level of its predecessor could be maintained, then stood again a real band available, the uner including Rick belonged. However, it was the outside, than in 1990 "Spiritual Healing" was released again. On the album you hit slightly more progressive sounds, which the hardness hurt anything, but nevertheless it was a great album. Lyrically it began to change. Worst then ended the following European tour that Chuck does not mitbestritt after an argument with the other what goutierte the rest of the band with the addition of two guest vocalists and "Fuck Chuck" -Chören. Then Chuck dismissed all all the band members, searching for "human" a new occupation. The album, das1991 appeared, continued to "Spiritual Healing" Unopened development, increased but also the downward trend of the band that got more and more into the progressive climes. Little Friends of Chuck went well when he ablästerte about his older albums quite. On the following "Individual Thought Patterns" then was an almost kmplett other occupation at work, among other things had been committed as drummer Gene Hoglan. The summit was also the only band member besides Chuck, still mispielte also in 1995 published "Symbolic". Unfortunately, found himself on two albums barely Death Metal, for that you had a Power Metal-list drawn what singing was reflected in Chucks. As the last album of the band then released "The Sound Of Preservance" In 1998, again with completely different line on which Chuck though better sound, the musical performance, however, remained poor and it got caught in the projects, to pack as much claim to his music , A year later, a brain tumor was diagnosed with Chuck. After it had been the same in the treatment complications, the therapy was so much the money that Chuck could not tribes. Since he had no health insurance and therefore could not hope for government help, he had to rely on donations from fans and although there got together a considerable sum and also several bands played benefit concerts, enough money only until 13.12.2001. After Chuck was therefore discharged from the hospital, he succumbed to the cancer. Rest in Peace, Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner.

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