The group was founded in 1983 by drummer Mike Sus and Mike Torrao guitarist. Torrao took over at the very beginning and the singing, but the decision was made quickly, to commit its own members for the job. The choice fell on Barry Fisk, who was replaced by Jeff Becerra in the same year. This missed the band by his extreme vocals that should be regarded as the beginning of the Grow Lings, an extreme paint. With Brian Montana still joined a second guitarist to the troops, Jeff got a bass in his hand pressed and began to play an extreme metal style, which was influenced by bands like Motörhead or Venom Exodus with one shot. Took on the guitar is in more a line-up change, Larry LaLonde replaced Brian before after two years the debut "Seven Churches" appeared. Even the extremely provocative presentation revealed where the musical journey should go: in the deepest depths of hell. The disc was extremely clear and produced the band went with a brutality to works as it should be typical for Death. It was the tenth track on the album, which should give the music of Possessed her name and should establish the most influential metal subcultures: Death Metal. However, the crash followed already with "Beyond The Gates". The album was produced worse than the debut and also the songwriting ago the boys had lost the old class. Possessed Thus adopted after just one album once and for all from the top flight of the Death Metal bands and while Death, Obituary or Morbid Angel shaped the genre, was the resolution in the Amis 1987. Early nineties then tried Mike Torrao the band neuzugründen new cast, the project was on but after three years. Next, in 2007, attempted a reunion with new musicians, Jeff was also being not so far around a lot countable, even if a new album in the pipeline is.

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