Obituary was gegrüdet 1984 under the name of John Tardy Executioner (vocals) and his brother Donald (Drums). Early named one around in Xecutioner and a little later in Obituary. To debut album "Slowly We Rot" was a line-up, in addition to the Tardy brothers from Allen West and Trebor Peres (guitar) and John Tucker (bass) was. The latter rose but it left the band. The album received rave reviews and became a stylistic masterpiece. Stylistically you walked in the footsteps of Possessed, Death or Slayer, also in the tradition of Celtic Frost can see the band, although they used a simpler style, which was influenced by John, because this growlte no texts, but only single words , Before "Cause Of Death" Frank Watkins came as a bass player in the band, but you had to neuzubesetzen also the post of guitarist, as Allen had gotten out. To this end, they found James Murphy of Death. The album was a great success, was even better produced and more complex and slower than its predecessor. With "The End Complete" on which Allen held James back was there, the Americans succeeded to increase its high level, the album contains massive hits and one of the best that has ever been published in the sausage scene. "World Demise" could not hold the success; Obituary seemed totzulaufen. It was quiet around the men, published in 1997 "Back From The Dead", which contained good material with "Bullituary" but also a failure. 1998 Obituary disbanded. It took six years before the Americans returned and so was released in 2005, "Frozen In Time", which was evaluated positively. After the album Allen left the band again, but returned in 2006 back. On "Xecutioner's Return" but he was not going back, because he was in prison, which represented his final exit from the band. Instead, Ralph Santolla was heard. The album was like "Darkest Day" a solid album. As a result, guitar changed hands (Kenny Andrews for Ralph) and Bass (Terry Butler for Frank) before with "Inked In Blood" was republished a typical Obituary album.

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