Suffocation was founded in 1990 by vocalist Frank Mullen, guitarists Terrance Hobbs and Guy Marchais, bassist and drummer Josh Barohn Mike Smith. Quick lock you into a contract with Relapse Records and released a year later from "Effigy Of The Forgotten". The album with the most horrible sound was a success and revolutionized the Death Metal. Up to now, the most brutal and most evil Cannibal Corpse was what was known as Suffocation had outstripped them and contributed to the establishment of the Brutal Death Metal in. Hardness and speed were increased to the extreme. Prompt the men were then also a new record deal with Roadrunner Records and had for the first time a professional label on the side. At the same time Josh left the band and was replaced by Chris Richards. On "Breeding The Spawn", which was released two years after the debut, sounded Suffocation clear, in which case "shit" improving on "bad" meant. This improvement came at the expense of hardness, but only to a small extent. In addition, they had packed more technical skill in the plate, Meshugga bonds were recognizable. After the new album Mike man got out, behind the drums was Doug Bohn and made his debut on "Pierced From Within". The work was the predecessor surpass, the musical potential of the band has been fully exploited and enhanced production again, without that you would be less decreased compared to "Breeding The Spawn" hard to the point. Shortly after, again joined the cast of drums, Doug went and gave his place to Dave Culross. But who worked on any album with more before the band broke up after eight years of existence. 2003 Suffocation found together again, in the cast, as it had existed also for Bandgruendung, except for the bass, which initially remained vacant and the drums that were beaten again by Dave. In this line-up year all "Souls To Deny" appeared later. On this output is made up where you left off before the dissolution, up to the sound that was slightly worse again. A short time later they had with Derek Boyer again a bassist on board, who was also listen to the self-titled album from 2006 as well as the followers of "Blood Oath" (2009) and "Pinnacle Of Bedlam" (2013). On these albums, the men played again their famous boots with high technical skill and hardness, they have never really changed and with which they have helped the Death Metal scene of New York to their size.

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