Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse in 1988 by Chris Barnes (vocals), Jack Owen, Bob Rusay (guitar), Alex Webster (bass) and Paul founded Mazurkiewicz (drums). A year later, the men were given a recording contract and could start working on an album, which a year later appeared under the title "Eaten Back To Life". Then gave the quintet demanding, complex shape Death Metal, also you could for a song Glen Benton of Deicide as host get "Singer" on board. Has graced the album of a nice splatter cover, which the censors, however, saw things differently and prohibited the part. The same happened to "Butchered At Birth", on which the band - again for a song with Glen Benton - her style evolved and from on the debut remaining thrash bonds away genuine Death Metal turning. Through their musical skills, but certainly by the campaign against the band the cannibals had achieved a remarkable reputation. The final breakthrough came with "Tomb Of The Mutilated". The cover was censored again, however, the musical output was even better than its predecessors - crowned "Hammer Smashed Face" - and made the Americans finally to an institution in Death Metal. After the album Bob climbed out, his place was occupied by Rob Barrett. In 1994 published "The Bleeding" deviated from previously known Cannibal Corpse style. The album was slower and groove emphasized, but technically very demanding. In addition, Chris, who go to this album and should be replaced by the Corpse Grinder sounded here more moderate than in previous albums, but what the rising success of the Americans did not diminish. The Corpse Grinder brought new life into the band, as can be seen on "Vile", the sound varied and to then most successful Death Metal album became ever. Then again there was a line-up change to, Rob left band replacement was found in Pat O'Brien. With this lineup the cannibals released their best album with "Gallery Of Suicide". The success of its predecessor could not hold true, however, should the successor "Bloodthirst" in 1999 and "Gore Obsessed" can link back to the best days of the band in 2002 in this regard. After "The Wretched Spawn" then gave Jack announced that he was leaving the band. It succeeded the other band members but, to fill this gap by Rob reactivated. This could also be heard on "Kill", which stormed the charts again. A surprise was the cover, which was the first ever contested in the discography of the band neither self nor foreign censorship. Meanwhile the band got to play well at gigs in Germany all the songs that had been previously denied them. "Evisceration Plague" is not landed on the index, but because of the cover, but because of the lyrics. Musically the Americans still had risen as compared to "Kill", sounded even harder and more to the point, which was also due to the successful production and had the title track and a real over-Kracher here. Gutklassig turned out well "Torture" before Cannibal Corpse with "A Skeletal domain" 2014 smashing an altered, gloomy direction without refrain really let it add long.

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