In Flames

In 1990, also Jesper Strömblad (drums, guitar, keyboard) with Johan Larsson (bass) and Anders Iwers (guitar) In Flames. Before the band drew attention to himself, was already out Anders, was replaced by Carl Näslund and then by Glenn Ljungström, also had been briefly a singer in the band, but adopted again soon. In 1994, "Lunar Strains" was released, got this neat reviews and In Flames, it brought the Underground to fame. It made it now, with Anders Friden a singer and to undertake a new drummer Daniel Erlandsson in. The latter, however, was quickly gone and the place was occupied with Björn Gelotte. In this formation the troupe with "The Jester Race" gained worldwide attention and wrote a real classic which catapulted the band to the top of Melo Death genre. And since the guys were so good at driving, there was the following year a second helping in the form of a further concept album called "Whoracle". From here the band plunged into a crisis, as both Johan and Glenn left the band. The former was replaced by Peter Ivers, Niclas Engelin but who had been brought in as a replacement for the latter, shortly thereafter jumped off again. Finally caught you from this by Björn his post at Daniel Svensson ceded here in order to take even the second Sechssaiters. After they had a reasonably stable occupation found, they took on the next album "Colony". This sounded more aggressive than "Whoracle", even if you used more often quiet Parts and "The Jester Race" is no longer rankam. Into the new millennium, the Swedes started with "Clayman". Although the album was the most successful of recent avanchieren band history, a break with the previous work showed that songs were very melodic but mostly what the use of synthesizers (!) Was reinforced. Even the clean vocals did not seem advantageous and the weaknesses that you could already see the "Colony", now were evident. The majority of the trade press saw it differently and in a time when Slipknot and KoЯn by launched, the album was glorified, which meant that one with - made the same mistake "Reroute To Remain 14 Songs Of Conscious Insanity". Even with "Soundtrack To Your Escape" came in no improvement. Only a faint glimmer of hope brought 2006 "Come Clarity" and two years later, "A Sense Of Purpose", where there was light and shadow. Two more years later, left with Jesper the last member of the early days the band, what Niclas returned. Jesper's absence arose following the "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" noticeable, the songs lacked compositional finesse and the album made the hopes for a rehabilitation of the tape destroyed. The nadir was reached with "Siren Charms", which pop rock Gedudel delivered and lacked any connection to metal.

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