There is hardly a band that so many albums has published as Rage. 21 have been published and there is no end in sight. This was not foreseen when the band named Avenger 1984 by Peavy Wagner (vocals & bass), Joerg Michael (drums) and Jochen Schroeder and Guinness Grüning (guitar) was founded. "Prayers of Steel" was released a year later and offered hot speed metal. Then stand on a name change because we had noticed that there was already a band called Avenger and is now called Rage. The first output under a new name was "Reign Of Fear", on the Rudy Graf played guitar since Guinness had left the band. Musically the lineup changes not noticed, the album managed to keep the level of the debut. After leaving up to Peavy all members Rage, so that the end of the band was in the room. This did not materialize, Peavy found new members in Christos Efthimiadis (Drums) and Manni Schmidt, who took over the guitar alone. With new members appeared "Execution Guaranteed", which was strong. Down it went with "Perfect Man" on which you renounced metal-typical trademarks and struck a new style, which hardly knew how to please. Many old fans turned away, but new ones came who heard rather soft bands, so Rage this continued on "Secrets In A Weird World". Correct weak was "Reflections Of A Shadow", which put more than their predecessors on melody and keyboard sounds had. Improvement occurred with "Trapped!" 1992, on which the boys went back to the roots and could convince with a cover of Accepts "Fast As A Shark". The album is also celebrating success outside Germany. Also, "The Missing Link" was able to convince. After the album Manni had to go and was replaced 'brother Spiros Efthimiadis by Sven Fischer and Christos. Both did their job on "Black In Mind" in 1995 neatly, with the album despite "All This Time", the first ballad of the band, not mithielt with its predecessors. Unfortunately Peavy then discovered his penchant for orchestra which he lived out now. Thus came "End Of All Days" and two years later Juice "XIII" and nerveless albums. Since no one except Peavy liked the style of the band, it came to the break and Mr. Wagner was again there alone. But due to the high visibility, it was easy to find a new occupation, which consisted, from Victor Smolski (guitar) and Mike Terrana (drums) with which one had the number of guitarists reduced to one again. But that was not a problem, because guitars should hardly play a role in "Ghosts" for the orchestra was the focus. "Welcome To The Other Side" was two years later, less monumental, but very soft and only "Straight To Hell" marked a hit. Stäker was "Unity", which advised though too complex, was able to convince when it comes to hardness. With "Soundchaser" to Peavy filled the desire to record a concept album. This was followed by the longest pause that had the band between two albums give rise before 2006 "Speak Of The Dead" was released. The album was double-edged, but found both horny numbers and total failures. Shortly thereafter, Mike left the band, which was replaced by André Hilgers. He was also to be heard "Carved In Stone", took the man back to the roots, which knew to please, although it went very soft to work. This problem should be to "Strings To A Web" will be resolved in the next but one album "21", on the one sounded relatively heavy. After Peavy dismissed his members back and put together a new line-up of Marcos Rodriguez (guitar) and Lucky Maniatopoulos (Drums).

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