Hammerfall were founded in 1993 in Sweden by Mikael Stanne (vocals), Jesper Strömblad (Drums) and the strings fraction from Johan Larsson (bass) and Niklas Sundin and Oscar Dronjak (guitar). Even before the debut of 1996, except Oscar and all other Jesper been replaced, so that the line-up to "Glory To The Brave" alongside the two from Joacim Cans (vocals), Fredrik Larsson (bass) and Glenn Ljungström (guitar) existed. The album was a huge success in Europe and marked the beginning of a second Power Metal-wave after the first led by Helloween had become quite run into the sand. Also "Legacy Of Kings" was not long in coming and went stylistically in the known direction, but had been improved compared to the debut of the sound. In addition to this album gave three new members their debut, including Stefan Elmgren (Glenn had replaced on guitar), Patrik Räfling (behind the drums instead of Jesper) and Magnus Rosén (bass Fredrik). Also on the 2000 album "Renegade" were again recorded a change. Behind the drums was now Anders Johansson worked after Patrik had gone after a short time. The album itself presented the Sweden harder than usual, peering now and then the box of Power Metal beyond. The following "Crimson Thunder" with the hit "Hearts On Fire" then went back in the direction of the famous Hammerfall style. Something was harder "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", on the one with Cronos of Venom for a song worked. With "Threshold" an attempt at some experimental approaches, but could not convince. Then there were two changes in the band, Stefan and Magnus left the band and were replaced by Pontus Norgren and the returning Johan Larsson. "No Sacrifice, No Victory" and in 2011 "Infected" but brought in spite of the two new little improvement compared to its predecessor and were in doubt of even weaker. Also (r) evolution could only convince short and soon showed signs of wear, making it qualitatively classifying into the ranks of previous output, although stylistically glanced back towards his first albums. Shortly after Anders left the band and was replaced by David Wallin.

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