Sonata Arctica

One of the most discussed on kontoversesten metal bands make sure the 1996 under the name Tricky Beans in Finland under Tony Kakko (vocals and keyboard), Tommy Portimo (drums), Pentti Peura (bass), Jani Liimatainen and Marko Paasikoski (guitar) founded Sonata Arctica is . Some like the melodic style of the band, the other condemning the lack of hardness. Can not be denied that the Lapps have developed despite all the controversy one of the most famous acts of their homeland. Even as one in 1999 after several name changes (Tricky Beans - Tricky Means - Sonata Arctica) released the debut album "Ecliptica", you sounded like a softer version of Stratovarius and moved at the level of the second power metal wave. In the cast there had been some corrections, so the bass served meantime Janne Kivilahti who had replaced Pentti and Marko had separated. After the album that brought some success of the band in Finland, it was over for Janne, for him Marko returned, who had already worked as a guitarist and now switching to bass. In addition, you had a full-time husband brought in Mikko Härkin for Keyboard before "Silence" saw the light of day. After this album Mikko Sonata Arctica turned his back, so that the band "Winter Heart's Guild" was just a keyboardist available on. However, it was on some songs help by Jens Johansson, of haute for Stratovarius in the keys. With the album succeeded the Finns, slowly internationally celebrate successes. Before 2004 "Reckoning Night" was released, he had again committed a second keyboardist in Henkka Klingenberg. The following "Unia" 2007 marked turning point in the band, they went but, at least in comparison to former albums of the band, relatively aggressive to the point. Simultaneously, the disc but was very complex and uneingängig. After all, it was the first time the Finns managed to hold together a line-up for more than one album. So it should be over soon though, as Jani nor enlisted in the federal civil service and to ensure emigrated to jail, what the other members prompted to put him whether this stupidity out the door. Replacement was found in Elias Viljanen. The first album with new guitarist "The Days Of Grays", retained its adopted tougher line and simultaneously much less complex than its predecessor. The 2012 work "Stones Grow Her Name", however, was still held a eating simple, but relapsed into a trendy style and called themselves in the Power Metal Group divided reactions forth. After this album Marko ended again its commitment with Sonata Arctica and was replaced by Pasi Kauppinen. "Pariah's Child" finally marked the return of the band to the style of their first albums and fell back from very soft.

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