Black Sabbath

In 1968 Ozzy Osbourne (vocals), Toni Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), and Bill Ward (drums) Earth, which one year later umbannten in Black Sabbath. When a year later released their self-titled album, it turned the musical world head. Never before had we heard anything so doomy. Stronger fell out in the same year "Paranoid", which split from the bluesy stroke side and direction Metal went. "Master Of Reality" began was adapted, but sounded so doomy was expected there. Hits failed to materialize, however. "Vol4" could not convince. Although there were good songs, but one went towards mainstream. Similarly, "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" should fail, liked to which only the title song. In 1975 published "sabotage" was ambivalent. Although there were good songs, but also failures. Weak in 1976 "Technical Ecstacy", not glückten on the experiments. Then Ozzy was out, but returned before "Never Say Die!" back. The album could not stop the trend, Ozzy's performance had suffered from the drug. This also saw the band so why he was fired. Also Geezer was out, but returned to "Heaven And Hell", which was the first album with Ronnie James Dio, who replaced Ozzy back. The album was criticized. Although no question was that Dio replaced Ozzy good and the album sounded strong, but it was not Sabbath. Too much had been leaning against the NWOBHM. Then Bill had to go because of alcohol problems and was replaced by Vinny Appice, who was listening to "Mob Rules". The album represented a Kopiedes predecessor is, but was harder and liked, though by the ancient Sabbath nothing could be heard. Now, the band broke up in bickering, so Dio and Vinny had to go. They have been replaced for "Born Again" by returning Bill and ex-Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan. The album was a disappointment and the weakest work of the band. The good songs were outweighed by weak, where the crown was placed by the poor production. Then left except Tony all the band members. For the 1986 album "Seventh Star" was the line-up from another ex-Deep Purple Member, Glenn Hughes, Dave Spitz (bass) and Eric Singer (drums). Now they tried to connect with the beginning of his career, by reactivated the Blues, where one does not but reached the old feeling. Also the fact that Glenn's vocals for Sabbath was inappropriate, ensured that the album flopped. When a year later "The Eternal Idol" appeared, Tony had sought a new occupation, which consisted of Tony Martin (vocals), Jo Burt (bass) and Terry Chimes (drums). The album hardly liked. For "Headless Cross" had this Tony Martin back, also played Laurence Cottle (bass) and Cozy Powell (drums) with. The album managed to return to winning ways. It sounded so gloomy as before and so put the disc's best work in years represent. However, with the one year later following "Tyr", played on the Neil Murray Bass, Eder ends soaring. Although the atmosphere was gloomy, but the keyboard was too present. Then there was the bad production and atypical texts. After this setback Tony enough of changing line-ups and had dismissed all members to achieve a reunion with Dio, Geezer and Vinny. So you took "Dehumanizer" in what sounded like the 70 albums, but was harder. The style confident Sabbath. Soon it returned to battle, and again had to Dio and Vinny go. They were for "Cross Purposes" which was weak, because you too tried to go towards Power Metal, replaced by Bobby Rondinelli and the returning Tony Martin. Then Bobby and Geezer left the band, so Cozy and Neill were heard again on "Forbidden" from 1995. The album was panned a disaster without hits, with poor production and without Sabbath feeling and by critics. After this setback no albums were recorded, until 2013 Tony, Ozzy, Geezer and Brad Wilk with "13" brought out. The album was strong, but the production detracted the hearing impression.

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