The Scorpions were founded under the name Nameless into being in 1965 by Rudolf Schenker (vocals & guitar), Karl-Heinz Vollmer (guitar), Lothar Heimberg (bass) and Wolfgang Dziony (drums), who gave the final title. Breakfast took one with Klaus Meine a singer and Rodolfs brother Michael Schenker took over the guitar by Karl-Heinz. So published in 1972 "Lonesome Crow", which mixed hard rock with external influences, but not convincing because of the soft loans. Nevertheless gained some success. Then we had problems because up to Rudolf and Klaus all members left the band. For 1974, the following "Fly To The Rainbow", a versatile album, but not convinced because of the complicated alignment, although it made known the band abroad, had been with Uli Jon Roth (guitar), Francis Buchholz (bass) and Jürgen Rosenthal (drums) new members. On "In Trance", on the Rudy Lenners instead Jürgen took over the drums, removed it from progressive elements, but they were still audible and the overall impression disturbed. Also this album was soft. In "Virgin Killer" progressive bonds came to a tolerable level. "Taken By Force", on the one welcomed Herman Rarebell as a drummer, represented a step backwards and did not come with complex structures in momentum. Nevertheless, he had managed to earn itself international notoriety. Soon Uli left the band to return after a few Jump Michael. So "Love Drive" was recorded, with the band managed the breakthrough. Then Michael left the band and was replaced by Matthias Jabs, who had previously played. With "Animal Magnetism" komnnte to repeat the success, but presented themselves harder, which is why the album is the first of the Scorpions also liked in the metal scene. Even with "Blackout", which continued the style, the band continued success an even by the single "No One Like You". "Love At First Sting", from which especially "Rock You Like A Hurricane" is known, exceeded the success of the previous albums, where you screwed back in style and not as convinced as ever. Even with "Savage Amusement" rode the Scorpions a wave of success, which reached its peak with "Crazy World". The album includes the most famous Scorpions song, "Winds Of Change", which was but soft. But the songs were able to convince generally more than on the previous album, with "Animal Magnetism" remained unmatched. Then Francis left the band, which was replaced by Ralph Rieckermann. "Face The Heat" was unable to repeat previous successes. Although there were strong songs, but people began to follow Trands. After the album was over for Herman, who was replaced by Curt Cress. With it appeared "Pure Instinct", which became the weakest to date album of Scorpions and had little to do with Hard Rock. So could not connect to previous successes you. Curt was quickly back out and was replaced by James Kottak. Whoever thought aberr that Scorpions had hit rock bottom, the wrong, as it turned out with "Eye II Eye". The album was not only boring, but tried to integrate electric elements, which failed. The criticism from all sides, however, seemed to have been beneficial, at least sounded in 2004 published "Unbreakable", on the Pawel Maciwoda played instead Ralph Bass, more afterScorpions how they knew each other. "Humanity - Hour I" was a concept album, but was able to convince due to its modern alignment barely. Now you published "Sting In The Tail", on the Nightwish frontwoman Tarja Turunen ex for a song participated. In addition, we announced to dissolve after the album. After the tour was over, but fell one on that you can not be bothered had on pension and continued. "Return To Forever" was released this year and offered decent songs that were lost among many of ballads, making the album did not convince.

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