In 1973, Paul Stanley (guitar), Ace Frehley (guitar), Gene Simmons (bass) and Peter Criss (drums) Kiss. Early makeup you look, where was from Paul Starchild, Spaceman Ace, Gene and Peter Demon Cat. Now they took on the self-titled debut, which was released 1974th Although the album had little success, it is one of the classics of the band, which offered little filler and plenty of hits. Buoyed appeared in the same year "Hotter Than Hell", which was not successful and today represents the undervalued Kiss album, although it was brilliant songs. With "Dressed To Kill" you were successful because they had a good production for the first time. The breakthrough came with "Destroyer". Again, the production was improved. Also published in the same year "Rock And Roll Over" was able to maintain the level, as "Love Gun". But the big stage of the band was coming to an end. On "Dynasty" in 1979 they tried to join the disco trend, but although one with "I Was Made For Lovin 'You" had a hit, distant one from the old style. So the album fell through at the fans. "Unmasked" went more mainstream direction and fell by fans and critics by. Soon verließPeter the band. As a replacement was Eric Carr, of a Make Up when Fox created for himself. That you had to change the orientation, it was clear, but chose the wrong way and Kiss published with "Music From The Elder", a concept album that was bored and broke with a progressive, symphonic approach with the creation of the band. Even Eric compared with Peter stronger drumming the wheel rescued not. But on the ground is Kiss rattled on and had with "Creatures Of The Night" their resurrection. The album was hard, influenced by Metal, bot hits and perhaps can be seen as the strongest of the band. But as soon as we came back, destroying oneself. Only went Ace and was replaced by Vinnie Vincent, who appeared as Ankh Warrior. That would have been to cope with the greater error committed is, as you showed unmasked. Thus the magic of Kiss was gone and you put a band of many shows. "Lick It Up" was ambiguous, it was being good songs, but also failures. After that was the end for Vinnie, who was replaced by Mark St. John. In 1984 "Animalize", which offered slightly jazzy elements again. This was followed by a change again, Mark was out and was replaced by Bruce Kulick. He was listening to "Asylum", the pop elements increased, but remained under. "Carzy Nights" went in the same direction, but contained Keyboard, which pushed the band into the Kitsch corner. A low point was "Hot In The Shade", which represented almost a pop album. Now Kiss was hit by a tragedy, as at December 7, 1984 Eric died of cancer. The band tried to replace him with Eric Singer (ex-Black Sabbath). But "Revenge" was another great album that offered a hit and a lot of strong songs with "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II". Now Peter and Ace returned, their replacement musicians were fired and there appeared "Carnival Of Souls". The album sounded almost as before, but hard and grim. Qualitatively, there was light and shadow. In 1998 published "Psycho Circus" showed the band again masked what the Kiss feeling brought back. The album fluctuated between soft and hard and could not completely convince. After that the band broke up. Peter and Ace went. For Ace came Tommy Thayer, for Peter for some toing and froing the returning Eric. Since both had no make-up, they brought the their predecessors on. The next album was released as "Sonic Boom". It went in the same direction, was qualitatively better and was able to convince. 2012 appeared "Monster", which went in the same direction.

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