Judas Priest

Judas Priest founded in 1969 Alan Atkins (vocals), KK Downing (guitar), Ian Hill (bass) and John Ellis (drums). First, the occupation switched to drums, which sat on "Rocka Rolla" John Hinch, also had with a second guitarist Glenn Tipton and Rob Halford new singer. The potential of the band was nothing to see on the debut, the album contained lame blues / psychedelic rock. Besser was two years later, "Sad Wings Of Destiny" for the Alan previously used for the priests Moore drummed and turned toward Heavy Metal à la Black Sabbath, however, was psychedelic, what hurt the album. Nevertheless, they had written "The Ripper" a classic. This trend is continued with "Sin After Sin" fort, which was stronger and was able to convince the first Priest album, which was also the strong drumming of the newly-down Simon Phillips. The album managed to find recognition. Also "Stained Class" with drummer Les Binks went in the direction and laid the foundation for the NWOBHM and speed and thrash metal. Also In 1978, "Killing Machine", the complexity and gloom drove back and a tougher approach pursued so that one can speak of the first Priest classics. With "British Steel", on the one had a new drummer with Dave Holland, followed by the most important album of the band. The change of style led to further, had with "Living After Midnight", "Breaking The Law" and "United" hits here and the rest of the album was good. With "Point Of Entry" man squinted into the mainstream, but had a better production than before. Nevertheless, one could "British Steel" do not reach. On track it was again with "Screaming For Vengeance". The album was the toughest to date of the band and was a similar hit like "British Steel". Also "defenders of the faith" was successful, although one progressive sound, so you do not completely convinced. A crash presented "Turbo". The priest tried to ride the wave and glam commercialized their music, so that the product caused the fans storms of indignation. Now they tried to recover the old style with "Ram It Down", unfortunately, sounded the album but incidence and soulless and presented, although it was stronger than on its predecessor, no return to old form. Now Dave left the band for He was substituted by Scott Travis. So "Painkiller" was recorded, which represented a return to the rock Olympus. The album was so nonconformist as no Priest album previously offered metal anthems and marked a return to the class of "British Steel" and "Screaming For Vengeance", possibly could "Painkiller" View as even stronger. Unfortunately, the high-altitude flight was short, as Rob left the band. Now Priest lay on ice until it was believed in Tim Owens, to have found a replacement for the singer. In 1997, "Jugulator" was recorded on which the priests presented harder than usual and were able to convince, although Tim Rob could not substituting it and the songwriting was not at the level of the classics. Unfortunately, that was the expectation, which is why the disc in spite of their strength is the most controversial Priest-slices. Nevertheless, they kept with "Demolition" the hardness, but went back to the roots of production technology, which liked. Unfortunately allowed but Nu Metal incorporate elements that looked out of place and many were destroying. Soon Tim had to go because Rob returned. So appeared "Angel Of Retzribution" and 2008 "Nostradamus", where you made a break in style on the latter, inde'm they tried a concept album in the form of musicals to create on the philosopher, on the one used choirs and keyboards and went swimming that way. Well KK left the band and was replaced by Ritchie Faulkner, who was not adequate to "Redeemer Of Souls". In addition, you can tell the priests to the age, so that the album was better than "Nostradamus", in spite of good songs but not above the level of "Angel Of Retribution" hinauskam.

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