Def Leppard

Def Leppard were founded in 1977 in England by Joe Elliot (Vocal & Guitar), Pete Willis (guitar), Rick Savage (bass), and Tony Kenning (drums). Joe was lying soon the guitar, it was Steve Clark brought. Also on the drums there were changes, before Rick Allen came. So appeared 1980 "On Through The Night". They played heavy metal with hard rock undeinigen glam bonds. Unfortunately, you went soft down to business and not entirely convinced, but delivered a decent album and reached commercially foot. Even "High 'N' Dry" went in the direction and repeated the success. Now Pete left the band and was replaced by Phil Collen. So was "Pyromania" released, which was soft and disappointing, but represented a success. A low blow, the band had to cope with, as Rick was amputated after a car accident an arm. Nevertheless, he stayed in the band, who prepared a separate kit for him. So he was on the 1987 output "Hysteria" case, which was disappointing, but what the public saw differently. But still followed a bad luck. January 8, 1991 Steve took drugs and alcohol and died. The band wanted to get a replacement, to keep the memory alive, so "Adrenalize" one year later was released as a quartet. Suffering expectations the album is no improvement and financially went downhill, even though the album was a success. Now was with ex-Dio-guitarist Vivian Campbell, a replacement for Steve brought, who was heard on the 1996 following "Slang," which was less cheesy than the last albums, but was not all grim, but also experimental and modern, which it was stronger than the last albums, but could not convince. Commercially, the album was a failure. With "Euphoria" wanted to connect with old success and went into a pop direction with the not convinced. Even worse was "X", not sounded on the guitar in the approach to Rock and marked the crash in deepest Kitsch climes. Up it went with "Songs From The Sparkle Lounge", at least again sounded the Glam the late eighties, but also contained bonds to the early days and the best album since "Pyromania" showed.

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