Iced Earth

Iced Earth in 1984 by Gene Adams (vocals), Richard Bateman (bass), Greg Seymour (drums), Bill Owens and Jon Schaffer (guitar) founded as Purgatory. Soon came the name change in Iced Earth, but before 1990, the self-titled debut was released, rose up to Jon and Gene all members of, so the line-up at the time, besides the two of Randy Shawver (guitar), Dave Abell (bass) and Mike McGill (drums) was. After average Album Gene and Mike left the band and was replaced by John Greely and Rick Secchiari. So appeared "Night Of The Stormrider", the one that was on a par with the previous concept album. Baldrick and John left the band and was replaced by Rodney Beasley and Matt Barlow. They made their debut in the 1995s Output "Burnt Offerings", the harder and darker than the first output came and the brutal work of Iced Earth is. Musically convinced you even more and although the success failed to materialize, it became a top-secret the scene. An iron law remained that Iced Earth shots no two albums in the same occupation and so came for "The Dark Saga" Mark Prator behind the drums. The output, another concept album, was in contrast to its predecessor and is the softest work of the band. The simplification of the music in conjunction with the cheesy sounding melodies could not convince. Then left until Matthew and Jon all members the band of new guitarist was Larry Tarnowski, on bass, there were several changes, but on "Something Wicked This Way Comes" he was occupied by James McDonough and Mark was just outside, then returned but back. The disc was introduced on the mascot Set Abominae was harder than its predecessor and placed the strongest album of the band with many sellers are. Quite rightly we now got international attention. Even before "Horror Show" there were changes, the bass served Steve DiGiorgio and the drums had been brought after some hemming and hawing Richard Christy. The work, a concept album about horror figures, fell in soft and was the songwriting forth weak. Damage suffered by the band, as then not only Larry, but also Matthew left the band. Was the former to replace Ralph Santolla, was the question of who should replace the singer, more difficult. Ultimately, it was decided to give the dismissed at Judas Priest Ripper Owens. So "The Glorious Burden" was recorded, a concept album about war, which was not a disappointment, but not convinced. Now began a musical chairs, except for Jon and Ripper all members were replaced several times, so to "Framing Armageddon: Something Wicked Part 1" the item with Troy Steele (guitar), Dennis Hayes (bass) and Brent Smedley (drums), who already twice previously had given an intermezzo, were occupied. The discs, a concept album, which continued on "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and started again later spun storyline, fell on neither positive nor negative. In the published in 2008, "The Crucible Of Man: Something Wicked Part 2" was welcomed with Freddie Vidales a new bass player. But more important was that he had been dismissed Ripper and Matthew had returned. However, the album was another concept album, which continued the storyline of its predecessor, was no better than this and bobbing around in mediocrity. Consequently left Matthew again the band, which replaced him with Stu Block. He made his debut on "Dystopia", a concept album about doomsday scenarios. Here it was possible to connect to old classics. Then Freddie and Brent left the band, which were replaced by Luke Appleton and Raphael Saini. So "Plagues Of Babylon" was recorded, which kept the level of its predecessor. But now the line-up changes not demolished, so Raphael had to go and was replaced after some back and forth by the returning Brent.

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