Accept were founded in 1971 by Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Michael Wagener (guitar), Dieter Rubach (bass) and Birke Hoe (Drums). The line-up fell apart, now the members alternated in quick, one constant was Udo, also a second guitarist was set. 1979 took to the self-titled debut on, on the next Udo Peter Baltes (bass), Frank Friedrich (Drums), Wolf Hoffmann and Jörg Fischer (guitar) were heard. The album sounded half-baked and not convinced. Now Frank left the band and was replaced by Stefan Kaufmann. So "I'm A Rebel" was recorded, which was disappointing as was the debut, only the title track could convince. The breakthrough came with "Breaker". Here Accept sounded tougher than anything it had previously given. A classic was born. Soon Jörg left the band and was replaced by January Koemmet. "Restless And Wild" could convince just like the predecessor, offered Hits en masse and with "Fast As A Shark" was invented to speed metal. Now Jan was out and was replaced by Herman Frank. "Balls To The Wall" was not bad and had classic on board, but fell from softer than you knew Accept and presented in comparison to the classics is a step backwards. Now Herman left the band and Jörg returned. On "Metal Heart" from 1985 this direction has been strengthened, and the Output convinced limited. On "Russian Roulette" we conducted a course correction and sounded much darker earlier, what was the band to shame. Although you could not connect to the classics, but turned the wheel a step forward. But the band fell apart. Jörg and Udo got out, the latter founded UDO, and the two were replaced by Jim Stacey and after some discussion, David Reece. In 1989 published "Eat The Heat" but degenerated into a tepid album that offered little of Accept, Udo especially lacking. Once again was controversy in the band, was solved in coming. The separation took four years before it was decided to give the band another chance. "Objection Overruled" took Udo, Wolf, Peter and Stefan on as a quartet. The album impressed across the board was the best album in a decade. "Death Row" was a corner harder and contained good songs, but the production was suboptimal, so you Although moving at a similar level as its predecessor, but was unable to find "Breaker" or "Restless And Wild". Now Stefan left the band and was replaced by Michael Cartellone. However, "Predator" was a step backwards and looked some good ideas largely boring. Since it was bubbling in the band, was dissolved on Accept again. The renewed Reunion took place in 2009. Udo and Stefan had no interest, however, which is why the new line-up next to Wolf, Stefan and Herman Mark Tornillo and Stefan Schwarzmann, who already for UDO and Running Wild had gedrummt counted. So was published in 2010, "Blood Of The Nations" which was an absolute classic. At last they reached the classics of the early eighties and gave probably the best album since Iron Maiden's "Fear Of The Dark" from. On "Stalingrad" was the German Metal-flagship less uncompromising about plants and missed the class of its predecessor, but again delivered a hammer album from. Also "Blind Rage" held this level almost. Bald Stefan and Herman left the band and was replaced by Christopher Williams and Dan of Grave Digger known Uwe Lulis.

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