MetalCrew Rulebook V11 (Update: 22.11.20)

  • Rulebook (11/22/20)

    1. Respect towards others as well as their works and efforts also and especially for the crew itself is assumed. Disrespect will result in a warning. If a user feels insulted by another, he can contact the admins. Thereupon the accused has the chance to take a stand in front of the admins. If the admins agree with the opinion of the offended person, the offending person will receive a level 2 warning. It is also undesirable to provoke other members wantonly or to troll.

    2. Main contents of the group are the music genres:

    • Rock
    • Metal
    • Punk
    • Goth

    They form the main content of the conversation. Other music genres, especially discussions about hip hop, should be avoided if possible. All musical topics (hip hop included) are to be stopped if someone brings up one of the main genres in the group.

    3. If a topic is not forbidden in principle, deviations from the main topic are not welcome. Topics that have nothing to do with music must be ended when a member requests it or brings up a musical topic. After that, off topic may only be posted again if there is no response to the topic change with a post after two hours. The new Off Topic must not have the same topic as the one that was ended by the topic change. Topics like appointments for meetings or gaming rounds are also undesirable in the group and can be discussed in the MetalCrew Social group.

    4) Excessive sending of repetitive messages, pictures, videos or audios within a short period of time is forbidden, as long as they do not concern any of the main topics of the group. Meaningless messages or media are also prohibited. Media is welcome to be posted on our website without restrictions.

    5. If a user wants to send music to the group, he may do so by linking a video from YouTube or similar platform. In addition, he should provide the artist and song title for this purpose.

    6. The following contents are forbidden in the MetalCrew:
    I. If a user can be proven to endorse or recommend the consumption of illegal substances for other members, he will be expelled from the group without warning.
    II. under threat of a warning level two are forbidden: Any illegal content, racist and inappropriate sexual content.
    III. furthermore, grossly misleading content is prohibited.

    [Any deadlines set by admins, especially in connection with events of the crew, are to be kept, unless a justified exceptional case makes this impossible. If the deadline is exceeded, a level 1 warning will be issued. With each elapsed month this will be increased by one level.


    Level 1 warning (also called "caution"):[/align]

    • A warning level 1 is the weakest punishment in the MetalCrew.
    • Unless otherwise stated, all rule violations will be sanctioned with a Level 1 warning.
    • A warning level 1 has no consequences for the warned person at first.

    Level 2 warning (aggravated warning):

    • This is an aggravated warning given for multiple rule violations within a short period of time.
    • Some rules generally require a level 2 warning for violations.
    • Even a warning level 2 remains for the warned initially without consequences.
    • If the offender is reasonable or apologizes, a regulation of the warning level 2 to 1 can take place.

    Temporary Kick:

    • Will be given in case of further rule violations after receiving a warning level 2, or in case of a confusing situation that threatens to escalate.
    • In this case a member will be temporarily removed from the group.
    • Hereupon a solution of the present problem is looked for and the member is added afterwards again.
    • At the latest after 48 hours the member must be added again.


    • Occurs in case of extreme misbehavior or instead of a temporary kick, if the corresponding member has already been given a temporary kick.
    • In this case, the member is permanently excluded from the group.

    All sanctions are pronounced by the admins after a discussion in the admin group. An exception are temporary kicks, which can be pronounced by any admin without consulting the others. Warnings become void after one year. Kicks are generally permanent, but the kicked person can ask for a pardon from the admins after one year. If the admins unanimously agree to this request, the kicked person will be added to the group again, but will be under special observation for one year. If he breaks the rules again within this year, he will be kicked without a previous warning and without a chance for a new pardon. If he doesn't do anything wrong during the year, he will be a full member of the MetalCrew again without any restrictions.

    The rules are valid for the internet page of the MetalCrew as well as the WhatsApp group including all subgroups, as far as their purpose does not override individual rules.

    Stay Heavy


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